Mediation Services and
Conflict Coaching with Thad Hollis


Mediation Services and
Conflict Coaching with Thad Hollis


Do you have a conflict at work or in business? Mediation is an effective method to assist you with possible solutions to your dispute.

I'm Thad Hollis, specialising in various forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution; conciliation, mediation, facilitation and consultation.

I believe that it is only through these process that we can truly be heard, and that parties can find an outcome to meet their needs instead of an imposed settlement.

Having mediated 3,500 disputes, it is my experience that the parties feel more in control of the process which leads to better outcomes.

Trusted mediation for family disputes

Helping separated parents find common ground and agreement on important life matters.
To help you get peace of mind and ensure the children are safe and well, now and in the future.

Better Outcomes provides a safe and supportive space for people to work through their conflicts and to find common ground.

Thad is an experienced and compassionate mediator who is dedicated to helping couples and families navigate the many questions and challenges that arise from separation and divorce. He has witnessed the powerful shifts that mediation can bring, moving people from very difficult, protracted and emotional disputes to a positive and peaceful solution.

Chat with Thad (at no charge and with no obligation to continue to mediation) before you decide if he's right for you.




There are alternatives to legal action, almost always.

Mediation can be the first step and in most cases you will resolve your conflict without needing to hire a lawyer.
Suitable for:

  • Family disputes such as divorce, custody and child visitation, property, and financial settlement.
  • Elder disputes within families or organisations.
  • Employee-employer disputes, industrial relations, workplace conflict and more
  • Contract, supplier and trade disagreements
  • Neighbour or community conflict
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Learn how to get a better deal, fair terms, or salary settlements.

Coaching and negotiation training helps you negotiate any deal with added confidence for a better outcome.

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Your Executive Coach, or for your Line Managers and Team Members.

Coaching supports you to get through one-off conflicts that cause intense stress and workplace disruption - as well as to prevent future conflict. Conflict resolution, active listening and productive dialogue eliminates toxicity and improves morale.

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Proven strategies to resolve a conflict and even build a better relationship between parties.

Get the help you need to find solutions & develop healthier communication for a much better outcome.

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No-one likes to argue, yet sometimes conflict feels unavoidable. There are ways to find your common ground without 'losing ground'.

This 'Resolve Your Conflicts Quiz' has been designed for all businesses - tradespeople, family businesses, and corporate employee relations. Identify your blind spots and get instant, actionable steps to improve your approach to conflict. Click here to answer these 15 questions and we’ll send you a personalised report on how well you manage conflict.

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About Thad Hollis


I'm a leading conflict resolution specialist with 25 years experience in labour relations and human rights mediation.
Of the 3,500+ cases I've mediated, my success rate is 95%.

My clients say they feel calm and get more clarity when they work with me. I value trust in relationships and will work with you through any situation to help you progress to a better outcome.

Having worked in most industry sectors, including banking, law, international business, telecoms, industrial relations, automotive industry and the public sector, my ability to bring conflicted parties to an agreed outcome is not limited by industry or circumstance.


  • People with workplace and human rights disputes
  • International Business executives
  • Management of small to medium sized enterprises
  • Trade Unions
  • Bermuda Government
  • Bermuda Human Rights Commission


  • Nationally accredited mediator in Australia - NMAS.
  • Masters Degree in Management and Human Resource Development and Bachelors Degree in History, Foreign Affairs and Economics.
  • Mediated a key agreement with the US State Department to resolve a budgetary conflict at the International Labor Organisation (ILO).
  • Co-drafted Bermuda’s Employment Act, 2000 and served as Deputy Chair of the Labour Law Review Committee in 2019.
  • Mediated numerous Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA).
  • Lead negotiator on several CBAs.



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"The Human Rights Commission has utilised the mediation services of Mr. Thaddeus Hollis since the inception of its pilot mediation program in 2006. Thad has provided mediation services through the Commission’s Voluntary Mediation Program for over a decade. He has also provided training to the Officers of the Commission in mediation and conciliation process. Thad is recognised for his knowledge and experience in the field of Human Rights, in addition to his advocacy practice, which further demonstrates his compassion and passion for Human Rights for all."

Human Rights Commission of Bermuda
Lisa M. Reed, Chief Executive

"BHB has engaged Thad Hollis over the last two years, and can describe our experience with Thad as professional, extremely knowledgeable, supportive and on every occasion providing solid labour and consistent employment advice. As an employer of a large trade union workforce, Thad demonstrates an excellent understanding of our organisation and our culture which has enabled us to meet and sustain our obligations under labour laws. - November, 2018"

Bermuda Hospitals Board
Angela Fraser-Pitcher, VP Human Resources & OD

"Ive never been so grateful to be introduced to someone at one of the most pivotal moments in my career and at the exact right moment, as I have with Thad. Before meeting Thad, I thought I had good negotiating skills but when you've been working on one of the biggest deals in your life thus far, emotions and expectations can influence the outcome. Through Thad, I've realized that negotiating is an art. His calming confidence & ability is radiated in his advice. He carefully reviewed my emails to make sure that I was being clear in what I was asking for. Thad reviewed my deal proposal and gave me a positive outlook on the offer. He helped me see a different perspective, and I am confident and happy about my negotiation's success. I wish there was more I can do to thank Thad for everything he's done for me. I have no doubt that Thad will be and significant part of my future business career and a great new friend."

Andrea Simon
Founder & CEO, Something SIMON

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Thad in a number of high pressure situations. Thad is always the calm in the storm, bringing level headed perspective and practical solutions to the table. He taps into his years of experience to negotiate the right outcome for all parties involved."

Michael Branco
Founder & Director Ptix | Fireminds Events | eCommerce | Web | Marketing | FinTech

"Mr. Thad Hollis has been of great assistance to members of the Filipino community who had employment issues on the island. A great many of them related to labour and immigration matters which Mr. Hollis had adeptly resolved with sensitivity and care. As officers of the Filipino Association, we would normally refer complex labour matters to Mr. Hollis due to his vast experience in arbitration and mediation with employers and the Labour Department. I have personally witnessed a mediation where Mr. Hollis successfully represented and assisted a Filipino worker with his employment wages. The mediation resulted in both employee and employer satisfied with the resolution of their case. Aside from representing Filipino workers, he has also provided us numerous sound advice with regard to employment matters. In this regard, the Filipino Association and its members highly value all the contributions that Mr. Hollis has provided to our members and the rest of the Filipino community on the island."

Association of Filipinos in Bermuda
Rowena Comber, Board of Trustees

"Thad Hollis was very instrumental in assisting me with a matter that required legal consultation and ultimately mediation. This is what I wanted from the onset because I felt the need to resolve my matter in a holistic way. I found him to be professional, knowledgeable and most importantly he provided me with a sense of security throughout a personally difficult time. His holistic approach made my matter as stress-free as possible. He was thorough, patient and a confidante at a time when I required this the most. His depth of knowledge in human rights, race relations and legal workplace matters along with his unique ability to advocate for his clients is what sets him apart from others. To sum it up, Mr Hollis is solution-oriented, empathetic, fair and most of all, provides wise counsel. I highly recommend using Thad Hollis."

P. Morgan

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